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Charrette Paper Sampler

Welcome to the New Urbanism
What is a Charrette?

Council Report VII: On Green Architecture and Urbanism

Download report [12 Mb .pdf]
Detailed description

Council Report V Sampler

Shop and Awe: The Peril of American-Style Commercial Development for Europe
by Charles C. Bohl

Council Report III/IV Sampler

A Conversation with Dan Solomon and Andrés Duany

Learning from Traditional Mediterranean Codes

by Besim S. Hakim

Mississippi Renewal Forum

Summary Report
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Architectural Pattern Book (production by The Town Paper)
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Pre-Charrette Paper
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For more about the Mississippi Renewal Forum, including final plans and designs, reports from the charrette studio, and archived headlines, visit

Online Reports

Kentlands/Lakelands Charrette, special insert from the Kentlands/Lakelands Town Courier

Wendell Cox -- Andrés Duany Debate
from the "Preserving the American Dream" conference, Washington D.C.

New Urban Post I

New Urban Post I: On Certification, discusses the pros and cons of professional certification for new urban projects and practioners.

Custom Publication

The 72-page, full-color "Pattern Book for Norfolk Neighborhoods" has been printed for the City of Norfolk. Writing, design and layout by Urban Design Associates, production by The Town Paper. More information

Neighborhood Rating Standards

TND Design Rating Standards by Laurence Aurbach. A guidebook for evaluating the design of traditional neighborhood developments.

New Towns

November/December 2008

Gulf Coast Watch Nov/Dec Edition by Jason Miller
Ross Chapin: Recreating a Strong Sense of Community
by Steve Wright
Local Heroes: The Role of Local Government in Realizing the New Urbanist Vision by Ruth Wright
Urbanism in Character: Beachtown, Tx. by Jason Miller

September/October 2008

Fast Forward: Providence in Huntsville, AL by Jason Miller
Gulf Coast Watch Sep/Oct Edition by Jason Miller
Joseph P. Riley: Aiming for Excellence by Steve Wright
Promise Unfulfilled: Three Years After Katrina
by Ruth Walker

July/August 2008

Life in Balance: Serenbe by Jason Miller
Gulf Coast Watch Jul/Aug Edition by Jason Miller
Keith Myers: The King of Columbus by Steve Wright
Taking Accessibility a Few Steps Further by Ruth Walker

May/June 2008

Green for Centuries: Alys Beach by Jason Miller
Gulf Coast Watch May/Jun Edition by Jason Miller
Marc Bautil Takes on Santo Domingo by Steve Wright
Market Turmoil by Ruth Walker

March/April 2008

Gulf Coast Watch Mar/Apr Edition by Jason Miller
Michael Lykoudis: Building Better Communities
by Steve Wright
Walkability Steps Into the Mainstream by Ruth Walker
Water World: The Waters, Pike Road, Ala. by Jason Miller

January/February 2008

Transit-Oriented Development -- By the Numbers
by Ruth Walker
Gulf Coast Watch Jan/Feb Edition by Jason Miller
Hometown: Baldwin Park, Orlando, Florida By Ruth Walker
Marianne Cusato: Making a Difference by Steve Wright

December 2007

Finding a Home Among the Trees: NorthWest Crossing, Bend, OR by Ruth Walker
Gulf Coast Watch December Edition
by Jason Miller
Not Your Father's Old Folks' Home By Ruth Walker
The Accidental Urbanist: Elizabeth Bell by Steve Wright

October 2007

The Affordability Paradox by Ruth Walker
Gulf Coast Watch October Edition by Jason Miller
A New Town Sprouts from Kentucky Bluegrass
By Ruth Walker
People Who Make a Difference: Jaime Correa
by Steve Wright

August 2007

Accessibility: How Much is Too Much? by Jason Miller
Gulf Coast Watch August Edition
by Jason Miller
IDEA Man: Edward Steinfeld by Steve Wright

May/June 2007

Gulf Coast Watch May/June edition by Jason Miller
Our Man in Kurdistan: Peter Swift by Steve Wright
Think of the Children by Jason Miller

March/April 2007

Design for Disaster: Is the New Urbanism Indestructible?
by Jason Miller
Gulf Coast Watch Mar/Apr Edition by Jason Miller
In the News -- Mar/Apr by Jason Miller
Modeling Man: Software Creator Uses High-tech Analysis to Quench NIMBY Fires by Steve Wright

January/February 2007

Flavoring Fayetteville by Steve Wright
Gulf Coast Watch Jan/Feb Edition by Jason Miller
Living Less Large by Jason Miller

November/December 2006

Green Giant: Doug Farr by Steve Wright
Gulf Coast Watch by Jason Miller
Influential Neighbor: East Beach, Norfolk, Va. by Jason Miller
Katrina Cottages: One Year Later by Jason Miller

September/October 2006

Baxter Village: Progress and Preservation by Jason Miller
Charrette Train Wrecks by Bill Lennertz
Great Third Places by Jason Miller
Mayor Connie Moran: The Right Woman for the Job by Steve Wright

July/August 2006

Making a Difference: "Hurricane Nikki" by David Goldberg
Midwest Masterpiece: New Town at St. Charles, Missouri by Jason Miller
The Promise of Urban Agriculture by Jason Miller
The Town Architect: Circuit-Riding by Steve Mouzon

Summer 2006

Evolution of a Brownfield by Jason Miller
Miracle Man, Community-Builder by David Goldberg
Next Generation Innovations by Jason Miller

Spring 2006

At Home With a Vision: Buff Chace by Karen O'Keefe
The Reawakening: Downtowns Enter an Era of Renewal by Jason Miller
The Centro Historico De Querétaro by Sandy Sorlien
It's All Part of the Plan: Alys Beach
by Marieanne Khoury-Vogt and Erik Vogt

Winter 2005

Barksdale Heads Home to Help by Karen O'Keefe
Hometown: Pass Christian, Miss. by Jason Miller
The Art of Aerial Photography by Sandy Sorlien
The Sociology of Disaster by Jason Miller

Fall 2005

Another Greyfield Gone by Jason Miller
Masonry Chimneys by Marianne Cusato
Texas Legislature's Mike Krusee by Karen O'Keefe
The Value of Volunteers by Jason Miller
Traffic Calming Techniques for Photographers by Sandy Sorlien

Summer 2005

Architect Asks: Why Can't Our Civic Buildings Look Like Civic Buildings? by Karen O'Keefe
Hometown: Clover Ridge, Chaska, Minnesota by Jason Miller
New Urbanism Goes Green by Jason Miller
Resident Starts Community Intranet Company In Amelia Park by Beverly Miller
When Less is More by Kathryn Streeter

Spring 2005

Alaska Deserves a Real Capitol Building, Not an Egg by Marianne Cusato
Northwest Landing - Dupont, Washington by Jason Miller
Traveling in West Virginia Coal Country by Sandy Sorlien
Venustas Species: Pleasant Appearances and Privileged Views by Victor Deupi

Winter 2004

Belmont Bay: Community Critique by Laurence Aurbach
Lucy Rowland Uses Classroom to Make Change by Karen O'Keefe
New Urbanism with a Texas Twang
by Sandy Sorlien
Texas Flower: HomeTown North Richland Hills by Jason Miller
Why Bother with Drawing? by Victor Deupi

Fall 2004

The New Pragmatists: GenXers and Their Quest for Authentic Urbanism by Jaime Correa
Windsor Forum Tackles Design Education Failings by Maricé Chael
Details: Combining Roof Types by Marianne Cusato, Richard Sammons and Ben Pentreath
What New Towns Learn from Old Towns by Victor Deupi

The Town Paper

Summer 2004

Cliches and Misdemeanors by Jaime Correa
Engaged Columns and Pilasters by Marianne Cusato, Richard Sammons and Ben Pentreath
Léon Krier by Karen O'Keefe
Main Street Diary: Massachusetts Mill Towns by Sandy Sorlien
Obesity - Enabled by the Suburbs at a Heavy Cost by Karen O'Keefe

Spring 2004

Ethnic Enclaves in the Urbanism of America by Jaime Correa
Local Economy and Traditional Neighborhoods by Joyce Marin
The NAHB Builders Show: Reflections from Las Vegas by Maricé Chael
Smart Growth's Governor Parris N. Glendening by Karen O'Keefe
Windows by Mallory B.E. Baches

Winter 2003

Kentlands' Evolution Continues by Maricé Chael
Main Street Diary: Coatesville, Pa. by Sandy Sorlien
Mr. Speck Goes to Washington by Karen O'Keefe
Smart Growth and the Weather: What is the Connection? by Karen O'Keefe

Fall 2003

A Matter of Style: Richardsonian Romanesque by Mallory B. E. Baches
Excerpt From a Main Street Diary by Sandy Sorlien
First Classical Council Held by Maricé Chael
In the Land of Sprawl, Pam Sessions Chooses the Walkable Road Less Traveled by Scott Doyon
New Towns -- Doe Mill Neighborhood, Calif. by Jason Miller

Summer 2003

First New Urban Council Held in Brussels by Maricé Chael
Old Towns -- Havana, Cuba by Ken Hughes
Photographing the House, Street and Town by Sandy Sorlien
Selling the New Urbanism by Scott Doyon
The Inevitability of Civic Change by Rick Kos
TNDs on the Web by Laurence Aurbach

Spring 2003

AIAS Forum Held in Chicago by Zach Borders
Journalist/Author Michael Dolan Turns the Light on "The American Porch" by Karen O'Keefe
New Towns -- Issaquah Highlands, Washington by Jason Miller
The Detroit I Remember by Ross MacTaggart
The SmartCode: A Weapon to Fight the Sprawl War by Maricé Chael
Use Your Feet: The Art of Walking by Anne Lowe

Winter 2002

Get Your House Right: Lintels by Marianne Cusato and Richard Sammons
NU at the University Level by Maricé Chael
Peter Katz: Marketing the New Urbanism by Karen O'Keefe
The Tale of Gorham's Bluff by Scott Doyon
Unwin's Intersections by Jeff Speck

Fall 2002

The Arts & Crafts Style by Mallory Ertel
Designing Bus Lines for New Urban Communities by William Lieberman, AICP
Foundation Connects With New Urbanists by Karen O'Keefe
Laurie Volk Brings the New Urbanism Option to the Table by Karen O'Keefe
TNDs Going Electric by Cathy Janus

Summer 2002

Miami Makes Ten by Diane Dorney
Become a Tree Fighter by Joyce Marin
Judy Corbett Pushes Cutting-Edge Progress at the Grassroot Level by Karen O'Keefe
Hollywood Live Works Use Courtyard Model by Laurence Aurbach

Spring 2002

A Great Wall Transformed by Laurence Aurbach
Commentary: From the Editor by Diane Dorney
Facing -- and Fitting In With -- The Music by Mallory Ertel
Holding Patterns -- Some TNDs Struggle To Get off the Ground by Jason Miller
John Clark, Developer and Beautiful Dreamer Looks to the "End of the Day" by Karen O'Keefe
The Sideyard House by Oscar Machado

December 2001/January 2002

Jim Kunstler -- New Urbanist and Spokesman for the Angst of the American Soul by Karen O'Keefe
New Towns -- Cotton District, Mississippi by Jason Miller
Once Upon A Parking Lot by Lee Sobel
The Birthday: A New Town Turns 20 by Andres Duany
The Gift: The Memory Palace by Diane Dorney

October/November 2001

Artist Bill Cochran Links New Urbanism With Public Art to Promote Diversity by Karen O'Keefe
Details: Shopfronts by Mallory Ertel
Let the Healing Begin by Diane Dorney
New Towns - Prospect by Jason Miller

August/September 2001

A Vision for East Baltimore by Laurence Aurbach
Discovering Italy's Human Scale Places by Stu Sirota
Growth and Growing Pains Celebrated at CNU IX by Karen O'Keefe
The Amster Building -- A Case Study of Integrating Art and Architecture by Anne Wise-Low
The Patio House by Oscar Machado

June/July 2001

Details -- Lintels by Mallory Ertel
Reality of Place by Jason Miller
Sarah Susanka: A Richer Life in "Not-So-Big" Homes by Karen O'Keefe
Ten Keys to Walkable/Livable Communities by Dan Burden
Transit Villages by Andy Kunz

April/May 2001

Celebrating Our Neighborhood Schools by Joyce Marin
Details: Signage by Mallory Ertel
Is New Urbanism the Next Internet? by Charles Brewer
Main Street U.S.A. by Cathy Janus
TND Breakfast V: Breaking the Habit of Suburbia by Jason Miller

February/March 2001

Catching the Train to TND by Andy Kunz
One Small Town That Got It Right by James Howard Kunstler
Repairing the Damage in Traditional Urban Places by Stu Sirota

December 2000/January 2001

Fred Kent -- Returning the Power of "Places" to the People by Karen O'Keefe
New Economy Towns by Paul Muldawer
University Seeks Insight Into New Urbanism by Stu Sirota

October/November 2000

Educators Living Amongst Us by Lisa Hill
Home for Life by Andres Duany
Reshaping the Region With Traditional Neighborhoods by Stu Sirota

August/September 2000

Alleys: The Comeback Kids of Planning by Elly Shaw-Belblidia
Beyond the Greenfields by Stu Sirota
New Traditional Neighborhoods Are Destined to Age Well by Rick Kos
The Convenience of Urbanism by Andy Kunz
TND Tools: by Jason Miller
Trading Space for Place by Cathy Janus