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Print Media: First Choice for Communication

Public involvement is what charrettes are all about. Our newspapers multiply that involvement and strengthen the ultimate effect of the charrette. When people are informed and dedicated, the results can exceed even the most optimistic expectations. Conversely, much opposition to traditional neighborhood development (TND) is due to misunderstandings and poor communication.

In this context, newsprint is the best choice for large-scale, targeted coverage.

Why? Custom newspapers provide plenty of space to explain concepts, showcase images and introduce design and development teams. In a world of transient electronic media fads, targeted newspapers have greater staying power. No other medium is more cost-effective.

More information:
What Is A Charrette?
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Pre-Charrette Edition

Charrette papers are our most flexible and customizable option. The pre-charrette paper welcomes readers to the charrette process with articles and images about the TND concept. Quick biographies introduce the design and development teams, and a schedule of events is a handy reference for the duration of the charrette. An introductory letter from the mayor, city staff or town founder is often included. The standard pre-charrette paper has 8 to 12 pages: four custom pages and four to 8 semi-custom pages composed of educational articles from our archives.
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Post-Charrette Edition

Follow-through is as important as the charrette itself. Post-charrette papers publicize the results of the charrette, with short summary articles or feature-length discussions. Articles can describe existing conditions and concepts for redesign, explain the needed zoning amendments and present findings made by consultants. Plans and renderings generated during the charrette can be showcased in full color for maximum effect. Post-charrette papers help communities prepare for public hearings by educating everyone about the proposals that are up for discussion.
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