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Advancing the State of the Art in Town Design

All Town Paper publications share the goal of education. Several of our publications, however, are aimed specifically at the professional audience. We believe that a movement without internal disagreement is moribund, and in that spirit we offer publications that critique and debate the new urbanism. These specialized discussions are intended to increase the overall understanding of new urban issues and techniques -- to advance the state of the art. They are suitable for practioners, researchers, journalists, students and generalists alike.

The Council Report Series

The new urban Council is a periodic meeting dedicated to the design aspects of new town development. Leading practitioners of urban design discuss their projects, plans, code and initiatives; everything from design philosophy and charrettes to implementation and performance is available for evaluation. In some cases, jurors offer project critiques, advancing the state of the art through discussion, education and constructive criticism.

The Council Report series presents fresh voices and new viewpoints on the design of new urban towns and neighborhoods. The results of the meetings are covered in a large-scale tabloid format that is chock full of color photos, plans and renderings. The Council Report is uncommon, thought-provoking reading for anyone interested in the quality of our built environment.

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Council Report I
Council Report I
Eight New Urban Towns

Oct 2001, 52 pp.
Table of contents
Council Report II
Council Report II
Infill and Plazas

April 2002, 40 pp.
Table of contents

Council Report III/IV
Council Report III & IV
Style and Urbanism & New Urban Codes and Design Guidelines

April 2003, 64 pp.
Table of Contents

Sample articles:
A Conversation
by Dan Solomon and Andrés Duany
Learning from Traditional Mediterranean Codes
by Besim S. Hakim

Council Report V
Council Report V
The EuroCouncil: European Urbanism

Oct 2003, 52 pp.
Table of contents
Sample article:
Shop and Awe: The Peril of American-Style Commercial Development for Europe
by Charles C. Bohl

Council Report VI
Council Report VI
Council on New Urban Retail

June 2004, 40 pp.
Table of contents
Council Report VII
Council Report VII
On Green Architecture and Urbanism

April 2008, 44 pp.
Table of contents
Detailed description
Download report [12 Mb .pdf]


The New Urban Post

The New Urban Post collects the best of the online discussions about new urbanism, exploring a specific topic in depth with each new issue. Through essays, debates and discourse, the Post puts contending viewpoints in high relief. Participants draw on their accumulated know-how as the issues of the day are passionately argued. A few of the topics covered include certification, gentrification and environmentalism. Past issues have featured a rotating guest editor, guest essays and editorial review. Eight to 12 pages.

New Urban Post I: On Certification (Aug 2001) Discusses the pros and cons of professional certification of new urban projects and practioners. Note: This issue is sold out.
Download the free electronic version [0.9mb .pdf].

New Urban Post II: On Gentrification (Oct 2001) Discusses the benefits and harms of gentrification, and how new urbanism can provide affordable housing.

New Urban Post III: On Environmentalism (March 2002) Discusses whether contemporary environmentalism and regulations are compatible with good urbanism.

New Urban Post IV: Timeline of New Urbanism (June 2002) Contains a history of new urbanism in timeline form, from historic antecedents to the present day.

New Urban Post V: On Modernism (Sept 2002) Discusses modernist architectural styles, icons and practitioners, and their impact on livable urbanism.

New Urban Post VI: On Public Process (Sept 2003) Discusses problems encountered in the public planning process, and ideas and experiences useful for addressing the issues.

New Urban Post VII: On Street Networks (Jan 2004) Discusses various models for urban street networks and how they affect livability, retail viability and regional structure.

New Urban Post VIII: On Retail (Feb 2004) Discusses retail formats, from small independents to multinational big boxes, and their relationship to neotraditional plans and thoroughfares.

New Urban Post IX: On the Transect (June 2004) Focuses on the theory of the rural/urban Transect, its ability to describe and guide development, and whether it can usefully model the relationship of natural and social diversity.

New Urban Post X: On Affordable Housing (Nov 2004) Explores the provision of affordable housing, the role of the market and government, and possible strategies and solutions.

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